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At a very tame gathering of guests, I attempt to entertain my viewers. In one hand I hold a storm, barely able to be contained. With the other hand, I count on my fingers the minutes left until my contents are spilled.


At five after, I can feel the change in temperature. I can barely stand. I give a heave and pull back the curtain: we are wilderness brimming near bursting.


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Drawing directly from the movements in Post War Japan (having peeked at programs, fliers, and other ephemera in a handful of archives at work), I am compelled by the idea of cultural innovation in a post-war environment. But regarding war: it is an imperative to first survive it (I am getting ahead of myself as I envision this post-war scenario). I ask from a different geographical purview: what will come from the cultural void in Iraq? What will come of the cultural voids in other parts, those that engender a paling in comparison? The flier pictured above is just a wrapper; inside is a work in progress yet to be seen.

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Experimental Dance


I search for images every day. I have various sources; sometimes I search by subject and sometimes I am swayed by the monotonous sequence of a photo-feed.

I have been collecting certain video stills from a very particular event for some time, an event in which a certain individual in a certain-colored shirt is performing an action. I am a little reluctant to say what the color is; my monitor settings might be off and I’d regret that what I am really seeing is, say, an everyday blue instead of that word-defying shade of what-have-you. The color of the individual’s shirt cannot be rightly put to words.

I have a small cache of images featuring a certain individual in a certain-colored shirt rummaging through a mess of something. Kneeling down, bending over, looking over the shoulder. I should include that the mess of something is not really some ‘thing’. It is a pile of people. It is a mess of dead bodies in a morgue somewhere in Iraq. The person in a certain-colored shirt is bending over a pile of bodies in a Haditha morgue, looking to find – or not to find – a relative or loved one.

I performed a sequence of movements based on the the images I have described above.














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