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Water must have flowed from this fountain at one time, but it’s not my concern.  


Beyond what was once the tub of plenty: wreckage of love.  
I am headed there because although in ruins, desire is rumored to trickle down those hollow columns.


I make a wide detour so I can approach the Ministry of Poverty from the front.  


An announcement from one of the three towers: this is your mother’s love, your national department of finance, and the kiss from an unknown lover — all rolled into one. Scavenged tarps shield you from elemental misery — enough for you to make a fire, fill your stomach from a tin, recline your body for sleep.

Indeed love does live here.


The sun disappears. I walk back to the encircling compound. This is dystopia, presented by modern photographic media. But if you desire, if you care to look, you can find the tender prospect of love in any picture.

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I am the muezzin.  From the balcony of my minaret I make an announcement. 

My lilting voice continues to echo through the city as I run back down the winding stairs. Before the people arrive and dancing begins I need to select the music. I need to vacuum the carpets. 






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Every time I visit Iraq in pictures, I die another little death.  

Yesterday I was in Sadr City.  I insisted that I would stay — even while I watched families leaving the city ahead of the rumored air raids.  I sat eating a nervous breakfast when I heard a whirr and a violent crash; I went deaf a split second before the US mortar round killed me.  I was a thirty-five year old woman; how had I survived that long?


I’ve edited my face into the circumstances;  see below.

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Having been trapped by a blockade, you break out from the cage to buy medicine, soap, cigarettes, fuel, goats, mattresses, chickens, televisions, cement, and many other supplies.

r1065214004.jpg REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

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Photoshop is the perfect tool for making things appear not to be there. But there is always the artifacting, the evidence of something once being there. It is nearly impossible to seamlessly manipulate the pixels to reflect proper lighting or sharpness, or to gauge what stood behind elements now edited out of the picture.


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