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At a very tame gathering of guests, I attempt to entertain my viewers. In one hand I hold a storm, barely able to be contained. With the other hand, I count on my fingers the minutes left until my contents are spilled.


At five after, I can feel the change in temperature. I can barely stand. I give a heave and pull back the curtain: we are wilderness brimming near bursting.


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This is for the ease of identification, so that you can find me in your databank. It is for census building, human tracking, genetic measuring. It is for your military archives. I’ve done a poor job of interfacing, but take your pick of the multiple asymmetries I’ve surrendered. I offer you self-identification (symmetrical exchange desired). I’ve got a mighty glint in my eye. And a shade of brown immeasurable. I’ve got a weary conscience (do you recognize my iris yet?). Blurred pupil’s edge and indistinct markings surround it.

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