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Future music.


Her hands at the ready; to conduct this musical interlude. 

 She wears a green metronome on her back.  

 A nod to the horn section. 






















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Of the postcards from my collection, I’ve chosen a few to intermarry variously. There are four characters: a Sudanese ‘Dervish,’ an Egyptian ‘Fellahi,’ a second Sudanese ‘Dervish,’ and a more generally identified ‘Arab.’

The postcards are all from the 1910’s and could safely be called colonial. Colonial photographers, while choosing beautiful faces to look upon, would categorize each — often incorrectly and presumptuously — by race, tribe, nation, and publish their finds as postcards for collectors and armchair anthropologists.

Heretofore unpublished friendships defy the colonial gaze:  they are eager, attentive, long-awaited to my eyes.



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Fabric-covered platforms stage a group of dead objects;  people come to look at them in this modest museum.  The fabric is grey, adhered with glue; lint and frays are here and there.  They range in size from one and a half to three inches tall. 

On a platform inside a dead object, unseen moths act all domestic.

(view from a moving camera)















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Heat rises against a slow shower of dates.  But time’s course takes a sudden diagonal turn:  the lover sees her object and delivers a blast of light sideways. 

(She wears a mirror on her midriff, popping dates in her mouth by the handful.)
















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