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As promised.

I have attached pictures of the house: receiving room, bedroom, kitchen. I spend most of my time outdoors since I cannot bear the emptiness inside these walls.  

As promised, if you visit you will always have a place to rest your head.  Although there is difficulty in such a proposition:  the flight in, the check points, the intermittent house raids. You are much too sensitive for this military state.

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Click on the pictures below to find what doesn’t belong.

herhousework.jpg    herbovines.jpg    herdog.jpg

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Having been trapped by a blockade, you break out from the cage to buy medicine, soap, cigarettes, fuel, goats, mattresses, chickens, televisions, cement, and many other supplies.

r1065214004.jpg REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

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Photoshop is the perfect tool for making things appear not to be there. But there is always the artifacting, the evidence of something once being there. It is nearly impossible to seamlessly manipulate the pixels to reflect proper lighting or sharpness, or to gauge what stood behind elements now edited out of the picture.


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8 minutes
silent, with sound
Constructed using appropriated press images from the occupation of Iraq, this video is derived from two elements: pictures and subtitles. Photo fragments piece together a narrative of an anonymous civilian whose domestic activities are interrupted by her own death, yet her subtitles mysteriously persist. 


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