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Having been trapped by a blockade, you break out from the cage to buy medicine, soap, cigarettes, fuel, goats, mattresses, chickens, televisions, cement, and many other supplies.

r1065214004.jpg REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

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A selection from my postcard library.  

I happen to know that the covering worn by this woman is lined;  ruled, I mean. Many a scribe donned such a thing for the ease of writing inside their frocks undisturbed. She, in fact, is a very well known but little recognized woman of letters.  

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Excerpt from page 133: 

Eyes. – While nineteen individuals had dark brown eyes, one individual had black, one green-brown, and two gray-brown eyes. The sclera were bloodshot (14), yellow (3), clear (3), or yellow and bloodshot (2). The iris was homogenous in Nos. 4464 and 4472, rayed in No. 4471, and zoned in Nos. 4464 and 4473. Seven men (Nos. 4456, 4458, 4464, 4474, 4481, 4482, and 4484) had blue-ringed irises, possibly arcus senilis. No. 4467 had a dark rim around his iris, and Nos. 4477 and 4480 had Negroid eyes.

The Anthropology of Iraq
Field Museum of Natural History
Volume 30, Part 1, Number 1
Published in 1940, United States of America

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A dance is performed. In particular, we are speaking of Experimental Workshop #2.

The idea is to engage actively with the background medium in order to draw light upon it, bring it into better focus. We must also conjure the notion of reserving the foreground (whatever is available) for an as-yet unknown quantity. In certain fact, this is the theoretical display of social interaction employed every day by very few. It is about looking amid the shadows, not for the satisfaction of a personality cult, but for the otherwise seeming impossibility of climbing out of those shadows.

We are however intrigued by the near complete obfuscation. These photos are mis-composed, outtakes of such a theoretical demonstration.

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Two women, Baghdad and New England, pose for a picture in front of an orange tree, which is not yet bearing fruit. It must be late summer. Orange trees are abundant in this garden, their thick shiny leaves reflecting the noon sun.

Baghdad holds a leaf behind her hand, wishing its fragrance to permeate the years to come of her new American relation.

On this day only a few dry leaves have fallen to the ground. More will accumulate by the end of the week, and will be swept into a pile over by the back wall.

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