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The mouth last seen.


Last seen at dawn.

I wandered by the river until dawn, trying to remember something I’d forgotten. I misplaced my slippers somewhere by the mouth of the Euphrates. This is what they look like.


Mouth of the Euphrates, purportedly.

Loose symmetries are created at the mouth of this river: the remains of my slumber, evidence of foodstuff, and the probability of a swim. The mouth is pushed further into the body. The body disappears.


Interior at the inn.

Something like symmetry: you can see it if you look at your mouth stretched open along the dusty reflection of a vanity mirror. Inside and outside your mouth, two women begin unloading their belongings, preparing for a 2-month stay at a riverside inn. You are the river.


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I had chance to find some of my lost family by the Dead Sea.  We strolled the clipped gardens of a seaside hotel as tho we were staying there.  On the veranda we sipped coffee and filled our lungs with the smoke of flavored shisheh.  Someone asked if I was American.question-in-the-air2.jpg  

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You are flanked by two cats at the entrance to a city. One cat heaves laughter at your tragedy, while the other cat sheds a river of tears. But most puzzling is your inability to distinguish between the two demeanors. 

What city are you leaving, which are you entering?



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