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Proposal for a flowery performance in an empty dirt area.
(Piece requires the possibility of decimation by war.)



Performance carried out as follows: subject is wrapped in a colorful textile, tied to a platform for the dead, and left alone at the risk of chance.


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Young woman dressed as a man.



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Birth of the mouth.

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Every time I visit Iraq in pictures, I die another little death.  

Yesterday I was in Sadr City.  I insisted that I would stay — even while I watched families leaving the city ahead of the rumored air raids.  I sat eating a nervous breakfast when I heard a whirr and a violent crash; I went deaf a split second before the US mortar round killed me.  I was a thirty-five year old woman; how had I survived that long?


I’ve edited my face into the circumstances;  see below.

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If you happen to be motionless while a procession is under way, take note the reason.

Did you take breakfast through your ear? Did you swallow the warm broth of your sinuses? Did you not see, but trip over, a knot of copulating birds? And what about the stream of liquid from the lower mouth of your intestines? Your stomach groans; whatever will you have for dinner?

Maybe you are in Baghdad and haven’t yet died. Then again, maybe this is your own little death. Are a handful of friends or acquaintances there to lift your spirits when you are sunk into the depths? Is this your funeral procession?


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Drawing directly from the movements in Post War Japan (having peeked at programs, fliers, and other ephemera in a handful of archives at work), I am compelled by the idea of cultural innovation in a post-war environment. But regarding war: it is an imperative to first survive it (I am getting ahead of myself as I envision this post-war scenario). I ask from a different geographical purview: what will come from the cultural void in Iraq? What will come of the cultural voids in other parts, those that engender a paling in comparison? The flier pictured above is just a wrapper; inside is a work in progress yet to be seen.

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8 minutes
silent, with sound
Constructed using appropriated press images from the occupation of Iraq, this video is derived from two elements: pictures and subtitles. Photo fragments piece together a narrative of an anonymous civilian whose domestic activities are interrupted by her own death, yet her subtitles mysteriously persist. 


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