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An object has been registered for delivery by cart.

A woman dressed as a man pushes it up a narrow alleyway to an exhibition space ahead.

When the object arrives, people will look with curiosity. Maybe they will have questions.

Some people will not see anything at all.


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Founding daughters.

S moves with ease between variously gendered circles.


K plays with fire, seducing flames and spitting sparks.


S and K are the co-founders of Woman Club.  Woman Club may be found at any significant crossing, in any city or rural area.


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Young woman dressed as a man.



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Inside at the Woman Club.

While staying at the famed Woman Club, she develops a taste for Sugar Lips.


Sugar Lips, the Iraqi sugar cookie with a single almond sliver pressed into the center, is so tender that teeth need only rest lightly on the surface before sinking to the core.  Addiction to Sugar Lips is rampant at Woman Club.  


Crate after crate of fresh Sugar Lips is smuggled daily through the back entrance of the Club.  Women dressed as men, men dressed as women take turns in the dealings, if only to attempt a mastery of the sweet’s anatomy.  

Attachment to Sugar Lips must be reckoned with, risking lovesick symptoms to mouth and stomach. Lovers of all stripes: be warned!

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Every time I visit Iraq in pictures, I die another little death.  

Yesterday I was in Sadr City.  I insisted that I would stay — even while I watched families leaving the city ahead of the rumored air raids.  I sat eating a nervous breakfast when I heard a whirr and a violent crash; I went deaf a split second before the US mortar round killed me.  I was a thirty-five year old woman; how had I survived that long?


I’ve edited my face into the circumstances;  see below.

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The after/before picture of a bedouin woman’s chin is plucked from a website offering the services of tattoo removal, hair removal, cellulite removal, botox and microdermabrasion treatments, wrinkle fillers, and chemical peels.

FAQ: Is it possible to to remove all traces of class, race, ethnicity, nation, the scars of war, and heartbreak — using laser surgery?


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fastenings of a laborer

This woman is fierce in her sartorial ingenuity.  

Likely a rural laborer, her face covering — kept in place with an overlapping system of bands and kerchiefs — might function as protection from dust. Indeed, of the Iraq pictures I’ve seen lately, a great many women show a sort of Wahabist turn in covering everything but their eyes.  Something quite different from years past. 

In any event, I delight in a combination of tailored pleats at the shoulders, with a safety pin implemented for cooperation of lapels and collar.  I am in love with this woman.



    shoulder-sm.jpg   pin-sm.jpg                 


More or less, the original caption: 

 An Iraqi woman waits while US soldiers search her house 20 kilometers south of Baghdad, Iraq, Friday, Nov.30, 2007. (AP Photos/Petr David Josek) 


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