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Two women, Baghdad and New England, pose for a picture in front of an orange tree, which is not yet bearing fruit. It must be late summer. Orange trees are abundant in this garden, their thick shiny leaves reflecting the noon sun.

Baghdad holds a leaf behind her hand, wishing its fragrance to permeate the years to come of her new American relation.

On this day only a few dry leaves have fallen to the ground. More will accumulate by the end of the week, and will be swept into a pile over by the back wall.

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This neighborhood was one child’s universe: the home, the friend’s house, the grade school, the paths traversed in-between.
I still find it difficult to grasp that I see my old house again only thanks to satelite technology honing in on a warzone. The picture presents a future unimagined; you can’t see it here but the neighborhood was under development as I busily explored unbuilt houses and kicked up dust from the road in my wooden-heeled boots (a fashion for young girls) — so much yet to be.
But “yet to be” would translate to decade after decade of counter-development, the sacrificing of regional alliances, the depletion of dignity, so-called brain drain, and the ire of the world.
On a very personal level, this is where the creative impulse was initiated. I was on and off the grid, making believe with bits of detritis, testing the extent of my imagination with bricks and rocks from the various construction zones. Language got me around the neighborhood, smells and sights were subtitled in my head.











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