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fastenings of a laborer

This woman is fierce in her sartorial ingenuity.  

Likely a rural laborer, her face covering — kept in place with an overlapping system of bands and kerchiefs — might function as protection from dust. Indeed, of the Iraq pictures I’ve seen lately, a great many women show a sort of Wahabist turn in covering everything but their eyes.  Something quite different from years past. 

In any event, I delight in a combination of tailored pleats at the shoulders, with a safety pin implemented for cooperation of lapels and collar.  I am in love with this woman.



    shoulder-sm.jpg   pin-sm.jpg                 


More or less, the original caption: 

 An Iraqi woman waits while US soldiers search her house 20 kilometers south of Baghdad, Iraq, Friday, Nov.30, 2007. (AP Photos/Petr David Josek) 


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