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If you happen to be motionless while a procession is under way, take note the reason.

Did you take breakfast through your ear? Did you swallow the warm broth of your sinuses? Did you not see, but trip over, a knot of copulating birds? And what about the stream of liquid from the lower mouth of your intestines? Your stomach groans; whatever will you have for dinner?

Maybe you are in Baghdad and haven’t yet died. Then again, maybe this is your own little death. Are a handful of friends or acquaintances there to lift your spirits when you are sunk into the depths? Is this your funeral procession?


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Heat rises against a slow shower of dates.  But time’s course takes a sudden diagonal turn:  the lover sees her object and delivers a blast of light sideways. 

(She wears a mirror on her midriff, popping dates in her mouth by the handful.)
















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